Greek Olive Oil

The Mediterranean is the historic home of the olive oil, Homer in the Iliad referred to olive oil as the “Gold Liquid” The ancient Greeks invented the salad dressing which was comprised of extra virgin olive oil, vinegar, sea salt and honey

As a beauty regiment, affluent society poured olive oil over their bodies and generously bathed with it as did the athletes participating in ancient Greek games

Olive oil also served as a base for perfumes and cosmetics Hippocrates was the first known medical practitioner to use olive oil-based ointments to treat wounds and traumas

Today, we continue to utilize olive oil in many of the same ways our ancestors did In cooking, beauty, and health, we can find olive oil at the core of all great applications

Lesvos Island and Olive Oil

Temperature : between 4 C 33 C . Ideal of olive trees

Sun : Lesvos has the highest % of sunshine all over Mediterranean

Olive Trees: Unique cultivars Adramytiani , Kolovi (Light distinctive taste, fruity and nutty) –

Low Acidity Max 0.3, Max 0,5

Low % of Chlorophyll

High % of Carotenoids

High % of Vitamin E

High % of Polyphenols (limited edition early harvest)

Lesvos has 11.000.000 olive oil trees (28% of Lesvos terrain)

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