Honey’s only as good as the plants that surround the beehive. Luckily Lesvos has an amazing abundance of native flora. Our island is filled with wild flowers, herbs, pine, and fir trees — and has a unique microclimate that ensures they flourish. We also collect honey from across Greece, which is home to over 6,000 different plant species.

You’ll discover these fragrant aromas in all of Ol-eve’s varieties of Greek honey; which giving them a distinguishable, superior quality, that’s gloriously thick. It tastes pretty good too (!). We add nothing more than nature intended to our honey, which ensures we preserve all minerals and nutrients. No additives. No antibiotics. All we do is analyze it to make sure it’s top quality. And it is 100% pure honey. No other added sweeteners — we promise. Is honey healthy?
Umm… yes! Greek honey is rich in carbohydrates, minerals (potassium and iron), proteins, antioxidants, amino acids, enzymes and vitamins B. It also contains more than 200 nutrients; strengthening our bodies and boosting our overall health and wellbeing. Honey also aids digestion, and is an instant, sugary energy source.

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