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Product delivery & Return Policy

When you place your order, you will be asked to choose how you want us to send you the products you have ordered. Depending on the way you select, the total final cost of your order will be calculated. This cost will be used for the payment of your order and will be included in the order confirmation. Shipment costs are not included in the product price, and are paid by
the buyers, unless it is explicitly stated otherwise. The shipping cost for orders will be calculated automatically in the shopping basket page (depending on each order’s volumetric and weight features) and will be included in your order request before the completion and payment of your purchase.

The shipment cost is not standard, but varies depending on your location, and the size, volume and weight of your order. The delivery time of your order is determined by its finalisation as well as the order confirmation e-mail received upon its completion. In case the product is not immediately available to be shipped, the order will remain pending and our company will communicate to you the expected availability date, the substitution or cancellation of the order.

The address specified by the buyer must be real and valid. In case the buyer is absent from the address he/she has specified, or his/her address details have changed, the buyer is responsible for notifying the company in a timely manner. Otherwise, the buyer will bear any additional shipment costs.

Receiving the item, and signing to the carrier, equates with acceptance of the product and of its excellent condition. Carriers are responsible regarding the delivery of the parcel to the address of the recipient. Ol-eve.com doesn’t accept returns.

Our company and its carrier partners take all necessary steps to ensure the timely delivery of the order to the buyer based on the delivery schedule of each carrier company. We cannot guarantee neither the arrival time nor the exact delivery time of the ordered goods, as it depends entirely on the carrier companies that we collaborate with. Our company is not accountable for any delays caused by unexpected events or events beyond its control. In the
event of any delay, our company will make every possible effort to contact you. Our company is responsible for the proper delivery of your order to the carrier. The carrier cost is defined by the pricing policy of each carrier company, which is solely responsible for shipping charges and which may alter the relevant prices at any time. Ol-eve is not liable for any such pricing change.

In case there is a delay in the delivery of your order, please contact us via email at info@oleve.com or by phone at + 306932849510. All products sold at Ol-eve.com are subject to our quality control policy. If you are not happy with your purchase, please contact our customer service team at info@ol-eve.com and +306932949510.

Each country, outside the European Union, has its own customs policy, so you should first contact your local customs office for further information. Additionally, please bear in mind that, when ordering from Ol-eve.com, you are considered the importer of goods and must observe all laws and regulations of the country in which you are receiving the goods