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Tarama Hahles with almonds

Tarama Hahles with almonds


300g white tarama

200g fresh lemon juice

150g dried onion

230g white almond

900g sunflower oil

200ml soda soft drink

Olive Oil


Pour the tarama with the lemon juice into a blender and beat them until they turn white. Add the onion and almond and continue beating until completely mashed. I add the soda. Then add a little sunflower oil (as if making vinaigrette-string) and at the end add the olive oil.

* Hahles stuffed with Tarama white with almonds, roasted garlic, black olives

Fill the Hahles with tarama with the help of a baking bag, sprinkle little capers, a little fresh onion, a little peeled tomato, black garlic in slices, dehydrated and chopped olives, and sprinkle with extra virgin olive oil.