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Gastrin – Ancient Baklava

Gastrin – Ancient Baklava The traditional recipe

Materials (for deep pan 28X35 cm.)

Ply dough

1/2 kg flour for all uses

1/2 cup olive oil

1 teaspoon salt

About 1 cup of water

1/2 cup sesame seeds, roasted


2 cups hazelnuts, coarsely chopped

2 cups walnuts, coarsely chopped

3/4 cup sesame seeds, roasted

100 gr. poppy seeds

1 cup prunes, cut into 4

1 cup dried apricots cut into 4

Or a cup of dried figs cut into 4

1 tablespoon black pepper, coarsely chopped

1 cup honey


2 cups sugar

1 cup water

w3/4 cup honey

1/4 of a cup of grapemust

1/2 lemon (the juice)

Method of Preparation

We prepare the Ply dough. Beat the sesame seeds in a paste, until it becomes almost like flour, and mix it with the rest of the ingredients for the Ply dough sheet, until the dough becomes firm. Leave it for half an hour and then open it in 3 minutes. Mix all the filling ingredients, except the sesame. Grease the surface of a 28×35 cm pan with oil and spread one sheet. Grease it with olive oil and spread half the filling. Spread the second sheet on top and grease it with oil. Spread the rest of the filling and cover it with the third sheet. Spread with oil, sprinkle with a little water, and sprinkle with a little sesame. Cut the cake into square rectangular pieces and bake in a preheated oven at 175-180 degrees celsius for about 40-45 minutes. Let it cool. Prepare the syrup. Boil the sugar with the water and the grapemust for 5-8 minutes. Add the honey and lemon. Stir until the honey dissolves in the syrup. Pour the cold syrup over the cold dessert and let it absorb completely. Cut the pieces where we carved them and serve them on a plate.

How will we do it

  1. Cut the leaves into rectangles, grease, sugar three leaves on top of each other and sprinkle with sugar, poppy seeds and pepper. We use two such triplets for each portion. After we fill our pan with parchment paper, we place another parchment paper on top, we put a pan on top of the parchment paper and we put it in the oven at 160c until they caramelize and brown.
  2. Put the nuts in a wide pot or large pan and caramelize them with sugar and honey. Once caramelized, we break the lumps that will be created, so that they can be used for our “millefeuille”.
  3. Caramelize the dried fruits lightly, add a little grapemust, being careful not to brown them, and extinguish with Metaxa.

Add pepper and poppy seeds to both mixtures.


We start with nuts on the plate so that the leaf does not slip, and we place alternately, leaf nuts, dried fruits. Repeat for the second time and on top of the 2nd sheet. Pour in any shape you want with grapemust and serve with mastic ice cream and pour a little olive oil, sprinkle with poppy seeds and freshly ground black pepper.