Olives are the nutritional equivalent of good manners. You can basically take them anywhere: meaning they’re an excellent addition to a vast array of dishes. Olives are just as comfortable on a heaving platter of meze; as they are mixed in with a bowl of pesto and pasta. They’re right at home gently resting on a cocktail stick, afloat in a vodka martini.

Perhaps their manner is down to the fact they’ve been brought up so well. Imagine starting life in a sunny grove on a picturesque Greek island overlooking the sparkling Mediterranean, surrounded by the wild flora, fruit, and herbs — their delicious scent carried by the cooling breeze…

It’s a pretty good start in life, you have to admit.

We carefully select our olives by hand in the autumn and winter: all of them are of impeccable pedigree. Ol-eve offers a number of varieties, presented in several different ways: tree-fresh as plain whole olives; marinated in vinegar; or infused with natural herbs and spices. How healthy are they?
Like olive oil, the fruit in its natural state offers a wealth of health benefits. The exact same kind, in fact.

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