Yup, the Aegean winds and the southern European climate are kind mistresses. The sea itself is a constant source of fascination. Not just for those seeking sun, fun, and adventure; but for anyone who’s keen to sample our local seafood delicacies!

Beneath the waves you’ll find an unrivalled treasure trove of fresh produce, but none are quite as friendly as sea salt, which comes to greet us at the shore.

We offer three different varieties — Plain, Oregano and Rosemary and our Three Peppers blend. Each one provides the perfect seasoning for a range of traditional local dishes, and are part of of a healthy diet. It’s salt! It can’t be good for you? Surely… (say it is!) The trace minerals you find in unrefined sea salt — iron, magnesium, potassium, iodine, calcium, manganese, and phosphorus — protect our bodies from toxins and viruses. They maintain blood sugar levels, blood pressure, and irregular heartbeats; and well as healthy cells. Sea salt also contains anti-allergic properties, strengthens bones, reduces muscle cramps, and even enhances libido (!). It’s worth trying, that’s for sure…

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