Yup, you’ll find tomatoes crop up a lot in Greek cuisine. But once you’ve tried our dried tomatoes, you’ll want to use them to add a zesty taste to every other kind of savory dish! Try them in sandwiches, pizza, pesto, and pasta.
Tomatoes: the ferrous fruit!
Dried tomatoes have a high iron content, are packed with lycopene, and rich in vitamin C. They’re completely preservative-free — as are all of our products.
They’re versatile enough to tickle tastebuds at a gourmet banquet and humble enough to be enjoyed as a tasty snack on their own.

While most dried tomatoes are hard and salty, ours are soft and natural — with no added salt, apart from when when they’re blended with sea salt, herbs, or oil in our jar recipes. But even then, the actual tomato itself remains the dominant flavor. And every bite tastes better than the last.

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