Ol-eve. Your Healthy Indulgence

At Ol-eve we want to bring the best of the world on your table. Our dedication to a nutritious lifestyle which originates from within, gave us the incentive to travel and thoroughly select goods that meet our high – quality standards, all under the prism of sustainability. So, here we are, starting from Lesvos island, extending to the rest of Greece and the globe!

From loving the precious olive oil and olives, to the famous matcha, acerola, the non – deniable cocoa powder and delicious agave and maple sugar. We are amazed by the nutrition values, taste profiles and health benefits of such goods.  The origins of our International products are China, Japan, Latin America, Mexico, Canada, Africa. And it is not just their food culture that is strong, but their unique character. We invite you to an adventure, a journey starting from original tastes!

Welcome to the Faros Estate — a 247-acre peninsula on the picturesque western edge of the Greek island of Lesvos, close to the famous village of Sigri, an awarded Natura destination. The estate has been cared for by the same family for generations, and it’s here that Ol-eve grows some of the best produce from Greece and around the world.

We tend and harvest what Mother Nature has to offer. And boy, is she generous to us (!). From our estate’s 20,000 olive trees, 12,000 pomegranate shrubs, and 5,000 fig trees, we select only the finest specimens for our Ol-eve products. But we don’t just source what naturally grows on our doorstep: we also cultivate high quality foods that are native to other Greek regions, as well as an array of different fruits and plants from more exotic locations; including palm trees, lotuses, avocadoes — even an African ‘Viagra’ tree (!).

Agro-tourism is big here too. The estate also boasts a chicken farm and a vegetable farm — filled with pumpkins, aubergines, and tomatoes. And did we mention our rose garden? (!)

A fusion of the exotic, organic, and yet still discerningly Greek, the Faros Estate is a very unique place with a special character of its own that’s completely in harmony with the environment. It’s filled with fragrant local flora such as cistus, thyme, lavender, anise, oregano… and so much more, enhancing its wild unspoiled beauty. But regardless of where our produce hails from (our own or partner estates), it’s grown by professional farmers and prepared with care in quality-controlled production facilities.

Our best-known products are essential ingredients in our daily diets, but we make sure they’re every bit as good as authentic delicatessen foods: Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Olives, Dried Figs, Dried Tomatoes, Natural Sea Salt, Honey, Pomegranate Sauce; as well as other goods such as Tomato Sauces, Jams and Marmalades, Mountain Tea, and Bottargo.

Everything we do — from the way we harvest and process; even down to the bulk and retail packaging we use — is carried out to the highest standards. We’re committed to sustainability. It’s more than a company value; it’s embedded in our expertise. Our organic products are BioHellas certified. No additives or preservatives here — we’re dedicated to wellness, health, education, sustainability, and growth. But a nutritious diet shouldn’t compromise on taste. Our mission is to provide the best of everything: food that tastes great, and is good for you.

We keep a close eye on international regulations and food-focused technology, and closely monitor new discoveries and official claims — such as polyphenols in olive oil. Our dedicated team includes a number of experienced food technologists who ensure that the nutritional properties of our products are correctly preserved.

We can also devise new flavors and ingredients, to enrich our existing recipes. We’re happy to cooperate with exceptional brands whose goods complement our own, so we’ll always consider joint and private label contracting arrangements on our products.

Looking for Lesvos on a map? Trace your finger to southern Europe. Found Greece? Head to the northern Aegean Sea — and there it is, in the eastern reaches of the Mediterranean.

With an area of 1,630 km² it’s the third largest Greek island. But it’s the 320 km of coastline, carved by crystal clear waters; along with our secluded coves, quaint villages, and acres of forest, that keeps visitors coming back year after year. Not to mention the fact Lesvos is also the sunniest of the Aegean islands! And 28% of its terrain is covered with olive trees!

Lesvos is steeped in history: 3,000 years’ worth in fact. It’s no surprise that we have a wealth of monuments, churches, monasteries, and archaeological finds that tell of the island’s importance through the centuries. It’s also the birthplace of several prominent ancient Greeks poets — including Alcaeos, Sapphos, Arion, and Odysseus Elytis; as well as the popular painter Theofilos.

However, travelers in search of more modern distractions will also find everything they need to enjoy the island: award-winning beaches, birdwatching areas, thermal baths, sightseeing excursions, and lively nightlife — not forgetting the Petrified Forest! It really does have something for everyone.

Day-to-day life here is a careful balance of the traditional and the modern. We’re proud of our history and have a deep connection to the land. And of course, food is a very important part of life here on Lesvos, which is why it’s a great place to experience some of the healthiest, best-tasting, fresh food in southern Europe. The island is self-sufficient, but as you’ll discover we’ve embraced other delicious produce as well.

We’re lucky enough to have great produce everywhere we turn; all packed with nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. From antioxidants found in pomegranates, berries, and tea; to fibers like beans and figs; as well as omega 3, 6, 9 that you find in fish, vitamins from fruit, olives, and vegetables; and minerals like calcium, magnesium, iron, selenium from sea salt, milk, almonds, pulses, spinach, and oysters. It’s all here.

Ol-eve, Family Estate & Products® is a Tradename of Falcon S.A. 

Falcon S.A. is certified by AVRV/ ISO 22.000:2005 and certified by BioHellas for the range of its organic products.