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Save the Bees and Farmers

Ol-eve is proud to support the Save the Bees and Farmers Initiative!

“The “Save Bees and Farmers!” ECI alliance’s vision is that of a European Union in which agriculture is a vector of people’s well-being in terms of employment, health and biodiversity recovery. We wish to redevelop vibrant rural areas where small-scale farms provide decent employment to villagers while producing healthy food in balance with nature, enabling biodiversity to heal from the environmental disaster caused by the emission of agrochemicals on our land for decades.”

The goals of this initiative are: 1) Phase-out synthetic pesticides 2) Restore biodiversity. 3) Support farmers in the transition.

Our company is focused on championing and developing Organic Beekeeping. We have taken part in running training workshops, and provided information material for beekeepers, to become certified organic producers, and encouraged the transition to Organic beekeeping by explaining the benefits for beekeepers, bee habitat populations, and the environment.

The personal connections we have with beekeepers give us the opportunity to connect with them as partners and promote proper Organic beekeeping that results in the best Organic Honey.

We are dedicated to promoting long-term sustainability to organic beekeeping and preserving Bee Habitat Populations and the environment.