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Stratos Iosifellis

Chef Stratos Iosifellis started his cooking journey in Lesvos

Stratos gradually began to cook with his mother and grandmother, which gave him the energy to experiment and try different flavor combinations.

He graduated from the Department of Culinary Arts of the Institute of Hotel & Tourism Studies "LeMonde ", and has been a professor of Culinary Arts in Food Colleges.

In Catering, he has worked in a variety of restaurants. Like Bistro "Quartier d'Athènes" as Chef, "Beer on us" Brewery as Chef, the Bar-Restaurant "Dioskouri" with Chef Dimitris Politis as sous-chef.

Together with "Greek Breakfast" as a Consultant Chef, he promoted Flavors and Aromas from all over Greece under the auspices of the Hotel Chamber Of Greece.

Stratos believes in healthy cooking and has also focused in Children eating healthy diets.