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Natalia Nikolaidi

Nutritionist, Masters in Advanced Dietetic Practice

Natalia Nikolaidi is a graduate of Queen Margaret University Department of Dietetics with a Masters in Advanced Dietetic Practice.

She has worked with pharmaceutical companies, diet and health institutes, polyclinics and doctors, while she maintains a strong media presence (press & television).

One of her key collaborations is with Chenot Palace, in Azerbaijan, as a nutritionist at the wellness retreat resort.

Natalia believes in training people to follow nutritional diets. Also supports healthy and sustainable food ingredients.


Cocoa Mousse Avocado

A chocolate-forward, nutritious and light dessert that can satisfy even the most demanding taste buds. Rich in good fats (avocado), antimicrobial (honey), and antioxidant properties (cocoa).

Sweet Pumpkin Brownie

A healthier version of the classic brownies with pumpkin instead of flour, coconut sugar and high-quality cocoa. It can be consumed without any regrets as part of a balanced diet, offering great nutrients and wonderful taste.