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Eleni Vonissakou

Author, Food Blogger & Photographer

Born in London and raised in Athens, Eleni Vonissakou is a university graduate, has worked in the shipping and tourism sectors, and has been a Trade Assistant at the British Embassy for 5 years.

She has been working professionally as a food blogger and food photographer for the past 8 years, while for 5 of them she also had a commercial activity with imports and sales of slow cooker devices, her favorite tool in the kitchen.

Her first cookbook The Greek Slow Cooker was published in 2019 in the United States of America. The Foodie Corner, her bilingual blog (English and Greek), is full of easy and delicious recipes.

  • Is a founding member of Food4Good, a group of food bloggers who over the course of several years organised and cooked for events, the proceeds of which went to various charity organisations. 
  • Has written several articles focusing on current issues such as food waste, food and climate change, world hunger etc.
  • Often creates and promotes recipes using leftovers so as to actively help people reduce their food waste.
  • Promotes a plant-forward mindset through her recipes for ethical, health and environmental reasons.
  • As part of her previous trade activity was one of the first in Greece to import and sell eco-friendly items such as metal/glass/wheat straws and beeswax wraps.
  • Is mindful of correct, non-wasteful use of resources, and is conscious of applying best practices in her work as a food blogger and in her personal life.

Profile Photo Credit: Danai Issaris